FSC Clutch Plate & Spring Kit - KTM Husqvarna 12-19

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Designed to handle the extreme conditions inside of performance engines, Hinson’s FSC Clutch Plate and Spring Kit gives you excellent performance and resilient wear for endless hours of riding. That’s means this set of plates and springs gives you better power delivery and a fresh feeling lever for more consistent clutch operation. Made with high quality steel spacer plates, aluminum friction plate bases, and cork or paper friction materials, this kit keeps heat build up to a minimum while maintaining exceptional operating tolerances and overall stack height. And with the included clutch springs, you’ll get precision performance with every squeeze of the lever.

  • Can be used OEM clutch components
  • Developed and recommended for use with Hinson clutch components
  • Install/fits just like stock
  • Kit includes steel spacer plates, aluminum based friction plates with cork or paper friction materials, and clutch springs
  • Provides optimal friction/hook up while keeping heat to a minimum
  • Provides great power delivery leading to increased traction
  • Exceptional production tolerances and operational uniformity
  • All fiber plates use organic, non-abrasive materials to avoid damage to rest of motor as plate materials break down and circulate through engine in the oil
  • Manufactured to OE specs using the highest quality materials
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Product Name FSC Clutch Plate & Spring Kit - KTM Husqvarna 12-19
Brand Hinson
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