Trail Tech Digital Thermo Fan Kit - All Beta 250 /300 GAS GAS 250 /300 18-19

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Trail Tech

If you want to keep your bike running cool on slow, technical trails, the Trail Tech Digital Radiator Fan Kit is a simple and effective solution. 

Trail Tech kits bolt on to your stock radiator using supplied brackets and hardware. You won’t have to splice any coolant lines since the temperature sensor easily mounts in-between your radiator’s cooling fins, and getting your new fan up and running is easy with the included wiring harness and low 30-watt power draw. 

When you’re ready to ride, the fan’s backlit, digital readout displays the coolant temp and records peak temperatures so you can know exactly how hot your bike has been running. You’ll also know when the fan is working since the temperature trigger point is customizable to whatever temperature you decide works best.


  • Fits stock radiator
  • Machine specific instructions included
  • Direct plug wiring harness provided
  • No cutting fluid lines, sensor fits between rad fins
  • Plugs into most stock harnesses
  • Backlit digital display
  • Programmable trigger temperature for fan
  • Records max coolant temps
  • Low 30 watt draw
  • Kit contains: 
    -4in. 147CFM fan
    -TTV digital temp meter
    -Radiator bracket
    -Temp sensor
    -Wiring harness
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